Jinwol Lee, prof. dr.

A Korean Buddhist monk and the Seon (Chan/Zen) Master, is a professor of Buddhist Studies at Dongguk University in Gyeongju, Korea. Born in Gyeonggi, Korea, 1950, he started the monastic life since 1968. He graduated from HainSangha College in 1974 and practiced meditation at mountain until 1980. He studied Religion at University of Hawaii and the University of California, Berkeley. He established the United Religions Initiative (URI) of Korea and has worked as a Global Council member of United Religions Initiative from 2000 to 2010. Besides other functions he is Member of the Presidential Committee on Sustainable Development in the Korean government 2004-2006. He has published various studies on Buddhism.

Szakmai önéletrajz
Jinwol Lee, prof. dr.
  • MA (Religious Studies) - Graduate School of the University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • PhD (Buddhist Studies) - University of California, Berkeley
Tudományos fokozat: 
Eddigi oktatói tevékenységek: 
  • 1969-present: Seon Buddhist Meditation Practice
  • CBT project, ECAI project, Seon Healing Project
  • 1998-2006: Taught religious studies and Buddhist meditation practice at Dongguk University in Seoul
  • 1999-present: Established United Religions Initiative of Korea. President
  • 2000-present: Global Council member of United Religions Initiative
  • 2002-present: Executive Committee member of World Fellowship of Buddhists
  • 2004-2006: Member of Presidential Committee on Sustainable Development in Korea
  • 2011: President’s Special Advisor for International Affairs of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism
Az eddigi tudományos-szakmai életmű szempontjából legfontosabb publikációk vagy alkotások felsorolása: 
  • Ch’oi Üisun: A Liberal Sõn Master and an Engaged Artist in Late Chosõn Korea. (Asian Humanities Press, 2002)
  • “A Mahayana Vision of Dharmic Society in Korea” in Entering the Realm of Reality: Towards Dharmic Societies (Suksit Siam, 1997)
  • “The Ideal Mirror of the Three Religions (Samga kwigam)of Hyuj?ng” in Buddhist-Christian Studies. (University of Hawaii Press, 1995)
  • “Buddhism” in Sourcebook of Korean Civilization vol. I. (Columbia University Press, 1993)