Rector's greeting

Janos Jelen

The Dharma Gate Buddhist College is the only Buddhist institution of higher education not only in Hungary, but also in Europe which is accredited by the state. This is a clear sign of recognition both on national and international level. The designation "Dharma Gate" metaphorically refers to its main mission: to open a gateway to the Buddhist Teaching, or Dharma. This symbolic gesture manifests in the realisation and transmission of the Teaching. The College has been offering courses on Buddhist teachings since September, 1991. It has not required from students full commitment to Buddhism but does expect an open and respectful approach to the teachings. 

The unique identity of the institution is based on the combination of the transmission of factual information with developing practical skills needed for the realization of the Teachings.  Teachers are required to do their utmost to help students study and practice the Dharma. The Community is required to consider all teachers and students equally as the Buddha’s disciples. Keeping true to the 2.500 years history of Buddhism, the college aims to realise the living Dharma under the present circumstances, in our own day and language and in a way that fits our own mentality. It does not consider any Buddhist school superior to any other. Rather, it recognises their equal validity and effectiveness for people with different aptitudes. The college endeavours to study all Buddhist traditions and facilitate growth of a characteristically Hungarian (or European) tradition. The institution provides venue to Buddhist teachers of all traditions as well as academic scholars without any hierarchical distinction. It implemented the above principles in its curriculum, teaching methods and examination system. It is the conviction of the college that all religious traditions contribute significantly to the alleviation of suffering. With this consideration it intends to do its best to serve and benefit humankind and each individual.

The college has recently passed the 20th anniversary of its existence. During this time period the necessary infrastructural conditions were created and the state accreditation acquired. The next steps to be taken lead us towards wider international recognition and the attainment of university status. Its particular status among the institutions of higher education, not only in Hungary but in whole Europe represents a unique allure for the greater community. The fusion of Western scholarly approach and Eastern practical knowledge remains an exceptional factor in Buddhist higher education and can be further exploited in the future.

The college is always open for the partners who would like to collaborate with us within exchange and double degree programs; original research projects or meaningful discussions as far as we all are responsible for the building-up of the very new generation for the rapidly changing world.

Janos Jelen,