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Partner Institutions

In 2011, the Senate, the highest body of the DGBC, decided to found a new institutional entity, the European Buddhist Training Center (EBTC). Their goal was to expand their international relations using the experience and connections the DGBC founders had gained over the years and to create a legal, institutional and administrative framework for it. Within this framework of an institutional entity, the EBTC seeks to find and strengthen the ties between the Dharma Gate and colleges or universities in any of the three major traditions (Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana), which want to take part in the creation and expansion of an accredited international Buddhist training program.

In accordance with the beliefs of the Dharma Gate Buddhist Church and a mission statement provided by the DGBC, János Jelen, the rector of DGBC initiated a cooperation agreement between the College and the famous Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (MCU) of Thailand. In 2011, it was agreed that the MCU will initiate a PhD and a Master of Arts programs in Buddhist Studies in English in Budapest, with administrative and infrastructural support from the DGBC. The EBTC plans to start the MA program in September 2014, then the PhD program in the following year. The aim is to produce Buddhist graduates with right understanding of Buddhist scriptures, good conduct, and abilities to propagate Buddhism and to do Buddhist research. Graduates receive an MCU accredited degree. Interested applicants are welcome from all over the world.

Knowledge management is a crucial part of the above-mentioned institutional development plan. The College signed an agreement with the Body and Mind Integrated Science Center of the Tsukuba University in Japan to cooperate on a project called ‘Though Body and Mind’ investigating the physical and spiritual effect of budo, yoga and meditation. Other existing connections with the Institut für Südasien-Tibet-und Buddhismuskunde in Vienna and Oxford Centre of Buddhist Studies (OCBS) can be deepened and transformed into fruitful co-operations in the future. From 2014 , Memory of Understanding for closer cooperation was signed with the following HEI and Institutes:



Dr. Hoffmann Orsolya

Dr. Hoffmann Orsolya A Tan Kapuja Buddhista Főiskola tanára(neveléstudomány) Neveléstudományból szereztem tudományos fokozatot, de meghatározó az úton, amin elindultam az is, hogy eredetileg német szakos

2024/25. tanév őszi félévének rendje

Évnyitó 2024. szeptember 7. (szombat) 9:15 óra (11 órától záróvizsgázottak számára rendezett ünnepség) Levelező tagozat: 2024. szeptember 14. (szombat) 10:15 – Mánfa Regisztráció és elsős