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Dear Exchange Student!

The Dharma Gate Buddhist College is a religious school of higher education. The designation „Dharma Gate” metaphorically refers to its main mission: to open a gateway to the Buddhist Teaching, or Dharma. This symbolic gesture manifests in the realisation and transmission of the Teaching.

Established in 1991, the DGBC promoting high quality education and competitiveness, striving to meet international standards and aiming to prepare professionals able to assert themselves following their graduation, either at home or in any country of the European community.

Following the third round accreditation of the College in 2014, we are glad to take part in European mobility programs that give us the opportunity to develop efficient partnerships with international higher education and research institutions, partake in student and teacher exchange programs and create the conditions to join the European Higher Education Area.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Dharma Gate Buddhist College.

Janos Jelen
Dharma Gate Buddhist College



Dr. Hoffmann Orsolya

Dr. Hoffmann Orsolya A Tan Kapuja Buddhista Főiskola tanára(neveléstudomány) Neveléstudományból szereztem tudományos fokozatot, de meghatározó az úton, amin elindultam az is, hogy eredetileg német szakos

2024/25. tanév őszi félévének rendje

Évnyitó 2024. szeptember 7. (szombat) 9:15 óra (11 órától záróvizsgázottak számára rendezett ünnepség) Levelező tagozat: 2024. szeptember 14. (szombat) 10:15 – Mánfa Regisztráció és elsős