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Dhammapada Foundation

Dhammapada Foundation was founded in 2004 with the objective to establish and operate the first Buddhist monastery of Hungary in line with the Theravada tradition or the teachings of the Elders, and thus to introduce a tradition hitherto almost unknown in Hungary.

The Foundation is registered as a non-profit-making organisation.After the establishment of the monastery, it also intends to perform a wide range of activities that reflect the spirit of Buddhism authentically.  Major planned activities include:  to protect mental health with tools related to traditional Buddhist methods, above all, to meditation and group or individual retreats; thus – indirectly – to help families, contribute to youth protection and promote the equal opportunities of underprivileged social groups; to perform cultural activity and protect cultural heritage; to develop skills and educate with Buddhist scriptures; and to protect the environment and animals in the area of the monastery.

The expressed intention of the Foundation is to establish a forest (dhutanga)monastery on that Thai lineage whose major teacher was the Venerable Ajahn Chah, under the spiritual guidance of the Master Ajahn Sumedho and with the support of the monks from Amaravati Monastery.

Presently, there are two fully ordained Hungarian monks (bhikkhus) who practice the Buddha’s teachings in England.Thanavaro (Gábor Schneider) lives in Amaravati; Gambhiro (Gábor Nyitrai) lives in Aruna Ratanagiri Monastery. László Dancsecs will soon be ordained a novice (samanera) in Cittaviveka Monastery.




Felvételi jelentkezés nappalis képzéseinkre

Felvételt hirdetünk A Tan Kapuja Buddhista Főiskola 2024/25-ös tanévére, nappali tagozatra. Minden amit a nappali képzésünkről tudni szeretnétek, itt megtalálhatjátok.


Baji Miklós Zoltán kiállítása A Tan Kapuján

2024. február 9-én (pénteken) 16.30 órakor nyílik meg BMZ (Baji Miklós Zoltán) képzőművész, főiskolánk hallgatója,  Műugrás 2., a Metafizikai Térben című kiállítása A Tan Kapuja Buddhista Főiskola Baktay-termében.