Exchange students can apply for courses from the list below. 

English courses in 2017/18 year 
(We provide course description later!)

Course Code Course Title ECTS credit Level Type Language
615310 Seminar on Buddhism and Modern Sciences 5 MA Seminar English
615203 Mahayana Buddhism 5 MA Lecture English
615105 Pali Readings 5 MA Seminar English
615-CA2 Community Activities 2. 5 BA/MA practice English
A2-* Meditation (Sattipatthana, Zen, Tibetan) 5/type BA/MA practice Eng/Hun
615-MR2 Meditational Retreat 2. 5 MA practice English

Courses taught in Hungarian

Please see attached the hungarian course catalogue.

Please visit our updated courselist at and download the "órarend*.xls" to find the list of current hungarian subjects at the Dharma Gate Buddhist College.

More detailed course descriptions (in Hungarian)

Grading system

Local grading   Equivalent ECTS grading
5 Jeles   A Excellent
4   B Good
3 Közepes   C Satisfactory
2 Elégséges   D/E Pass/Sufficient
1 Elégtelen   F Fail
Nem jelent meg     DNA Did not attend
Nem vizsgázott     I Incomplete
Aláírva     S Signed
Megtagadva     R Refused