International Office

The International Office is responsible for coordinating and helping the incoming and outgoing students, teachers and staff. This includes: – providing information regarding Erasmus opportunities (web site, facebook, student mailing lists) – assisting with the application, interview and selection process – helping with orientation – helping choosing courses – providing information and counselling for outgoing […]


Since its foundation, the Dharma Gate Buddhist Church has maintained close contact with several Asian and European Buddhist Communities and institutes and has received guest teachers of all Buddhist philosophical schools. The Church is a member of the European Buddhist Union since 2005. EBU is a federation of Buddhist communities and organisations in Europe. Being broad and impartial […]


The college has recently passed the 20th anniversary of its existence. During this time period the necessary infrastructural conditions were created and the state accreditation acquired. We are aiming at balancing the student demand and the aspects of societal needs, while planning developments in every strategic area. The accentuated strategic objectives are the building-up of […]

Online Catalog

Our library uses the E-Corvina catalog system: E-Corvina Online Catalog


Since its foundation in 1991 the library has become major specialized library with over 15.000 volumes in its collection. The focus of interest is mainly Buddhist literature including the Pali Canon, the sacred texts of the Mahayana, Tibetan writings, the literature of Zen Buddhism and representatives of the great Buddhist philosophical schools. A considerable amount […]

Rector’s Office

Gabor KARSAI rector Zoltan CSER vice rector for academic affairs Csilla FENYVESSY Secretary of Rector’s Office | +361 280 6712 dr. Peter BARTA legal adviser, secretary-general Peter GYORI director for student affairs *** Address: Börzsöny street 11. Budapest 1098 Hungary Phone: (+361) 280-67-12 Fax: (+361) 280-67-14

Uszó Retreat Center

Uszó is the cradle of the Dharma Gate Buddhist Community, a lonely old peasant house deep in the forest of the Bükk mountains, far away from the noisy and crowded towns. It is a place where people can enjoy the beauty of nature and the healing effect of calmness. The house is surrounded a big […]


Address: 1098 Budapest, Börzsöny utca 11. Phone: (+361) 280-67-12 Fax: (+361) 280-67-14 Mobile: (+3670) 339-99-02 E-mail:


Leadership of the Institution Council and Administrators at all Levels of the Institution The highest decision-making body of the college is the Senate. The Senate decides on the annual budget plan, wealth management plan, institutional development plan, amendments in the curricula and the organizational regulations etc. The Senate’s members include the head of the church, […]

Buddhist Communities

Compass-Hu Phone: +36-70-342-2780 (Dombovári Katalin) and +36-70-332-5722 (Pluhár Pál) E-mail: Web: Main webpage : One Drop Zendo Hungary Location: 1065 Budapest, Hajós street 32., half-floor Phone: +36-30-255-5560 (Halász Attila: +36-30-446-2871) E-mail: Web: Khjenkong Dargye Buddhist Community (Beru Khjence Rinpoche and Dzsamgön Kongtrul Rinpoche) Csaba Szlabony (phone: +36-20-229-3623) Anikó Györei – […]